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We are all about scent

The world’s most scented flowers… Our mission is to bring beautiful, natural, scented flowers and foliage back into a market that has lost touch with the wonder of real flowers, whilst promoting provenance and sustainability.

We grow a carefully curated collection of the world’s finest scented rose and flower varieties such as English scented garden roses, David Austin Roses, Kenyan Fairtrade scented roses and English sweet peas.

Our misson

Our purpose is to have a top quality staff that serves our customer’s emotional and sentimental needs with top quality floral products and exceptional services which exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our values

We will be honest and responsible in dealing with our customers, suppliers, and co-workers. We will provide the best quality products and complementing services that meet the needs

Our Vision

Flowers Shop will continue to be the leader in providing floral products and services in the North Country. We will maintain a tradition of exceeding customer’s expectations

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